DynaBell is a product belonging to MoveStrong, a bold fitness equipment manufacturer of functional training equipment. View the site →

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Deanna worked with MoveStrong to provide all creative direction and writing for DynaBell. The website design, copywriting, brand imagery design was directed by Deanna Burks. In addition to the creative direction for the website design and branding, Deanna provided multiple marketing designs.


Deanna worked closely with photographer Jarrett Gaza to create bold images.


DynaBell needs to attract fitness enthusiasts who are engaged by energetic companies and fitness challenges. To do so, Deanna worked closely with the company founder, Jared Kuka to develop the images and style. The fitness industry is highly saturated, but MoveStrong has a unique presence in the market. Through compelling and memorable imagery, Dynabell stands out from the crowd.


The process included research into brands currently marketing fitness accessories. A series of planned photography shots were storyboarded and the website created for leads and sales. Modeling and creative were hired for this specific project based on their look and work to attract DynaBell’s target audience.


The project took one month from start to finish.

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