How Exciting, Your Website Is Launching!
Thanks so much for trusting me with your business!
I’m so honored to be a part of this big event!


A few things to note:

requesting edits and help

I’m just a call or email away if you need me.
615-405-3555 is my cell. My email is
Most changes can be made within 2-3 days and there’s a charge of $75 per hour. If you need help more often, I suggest a monthly retainer.

Edits & Changes

I’ve created a backup for your style settings in case anything gets accidentally changed. Please let me know if your style settings or code should need to be restored.

custom coding

If your site has custom coding, and most likely it will, don’t touch it unless you are 100% certain you feel comfortable making changes. There are a few places custom code can be placed. I’m showing you where here in general, but during our pre-launch tutorial, we’ll go over specifically where your code is.

diy changes

If you want to make major changes to a page, I suggest you first create backup of that page. Here’s how.

Resources & Tools

How to keep up motivation and upward momentum!