Wedding Industry InDesign Proposal

Wedding Industry InDesign Proposal


Sometimes, a beautifully designed template is all you need to rev up the motivation to tackle and organize your creative vision to share with your client like a pro!

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An Adobe InDesign file with fonts and images and type as placeholders. We recommend using your own imagery, type and colors to represent your unique brand. Copy reuse pages to create as many pages as you need.

Perfect For:

  • Floral designers

  • Wedding Stylists

  • Planners


In our 37-page download, the Design Proposal will get your creative juices flowing (leaving those “but I where do I start” woes in their dust), and ready to share those dreamy ideas you have as a designer.

  • Just replace the images with your own or if you don’t have any of your own, visit Unsplash for some ideas

  • Uses Adobe InDesign

  • Substitute typefaces and colors if you already have a solid brand

  • Replace our placeholder logo with your own.

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