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I’m 85% minimalist

And, I’m 100% about simplicity. I like a brand, and I stick with it if it performs. The majority of the time, I’m running around in Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, but when I need something nice to wear and don’t want to break the bank, I rely on The Reset. I love that they have a simple, but polished and effortless line of pieces that mix and match well. I love a mix of high/low and to mix up fabrics. For example, I love a silk top or blazer with jeans.

A few of my favorite pieces from The Reset

A note on the “leather” items they carry: they are vegan and cruelty free.


My Bags, Tried and True For Years

I don’t love the idea of needed a new purse all of the time and killing yet another animal so I can have the newest purse. These are the two I purchased in 2014 and they’ve been workhorses since then. The small LV I use when I just need to carry my phone, card, and lip gloss. The large I use when I need to carry laptop, change of clothes, or shoes. The lining is linen and it’s endured heavy items for years now.


My Go-To Workhorse Shoes

I own two pair of the Ceri Hoover mules, one in black and one in gray and I wear them year round. The Birkenstock Mayari are a fav too and I wear them high and low. With workout wear or silk pants or jeans.

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