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Website, Brand & Marketing Design: 78%

Monthly Retainer & Consulting: 12%

Shop Sales: Templates, Courses: 10%

Client Launches

I had the pleasure of working on some great projects this summer, and I’m excited to announce the following brand launches:

Suzanne McMillan

Brand, website, social media marketing

Spring Haven Mansion

Brand, website, retainer consulting

Katie Sneed

Interior design and fashion/style blog, brand

Import Flowers

New website design

Simply Sweet Photography

New brand, new website design


Brand guide, website design, consulting

Complimentary Online Learning

I've been super happy to be able to provide my clients with a hands-on feel with my video tutorials. I create them for each client. I break down information into small, easy to digest bites. It helps them accomplish tasks big and small for their businesses. I do this for all new website clients to help them get comfortable with making DIY revisions on their website. Especially since I create a lot of custom code, and that can be intimidating.

Client Challenges, How Will You Do It All?

I think this is such a struggle for most clients. You have so much on your plate and having modern marketing as one of those tasks you have to keep up with seems endless. Instagram posts daily, writing content, updating your website. It's never-ending. But that is my happy place and I love being there for my people. Making things simple, beautiful, attention-grabbing.

Design Audits

I've started offering a complimentary review of websites and brands for businesses to provide a candid and unique perspective and suggest how we can make it better.

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