Why Squarespace?

I’ve been using, learning, and developing Squarespace sites since it started. While I started building sites on Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace is by far my favorite. It’s modern, simple, beautiful and easy too customize. Here are some favorite points. It’s a great platform for the DIY site builder, great for a designer to build and hand off to a client and feel confident that they can either make their own edits, or easily and quickly use my support.


Aesthetics aren’t everything but important indeed. Look polished, not like a site built in the 90s.



Through custom coding, your site can be completely customized to fit your brand and have a unique look that's not out of the box looking.


Easy To Use

Once your site is designed, edits are very easy. You can even download the IOS app and make simple text changes or create blog or gallery posts right from your phone.

Copy of Websites That Convert

Cost Control

There are no add-ons plugins so you have complete control over what you pay. The plans range from $12 to $40 per month and email integrated is an additional charge based on your list, but that’s it! No hidden fees.

Squarespace Support

Their team is full-time for support and they control the updates. You aren’t ever going to need to click a button to update your site with the latest features. It’s automatic.

SEO Perfection

Everything in the site is geared toward creating better SEO. From the entire site, to individual pages down to single blog posts - you control the SEO.

Built In News

Did you just create a news-worthy blog post? Great! Share the minute you hit publish and you’ve got an instant email to announce to your subscribers that a new post is available.

Push To Social Media

Easy to push content to your social media channels and for visitors to share information and posts as well.

Great eCommerce Options

From selling products, services, digital downloads, and subscriptions, the commerce is unbeatable.

Easy Integrations

There are a multitude of available integrations with your favorite apps and they are easy to connect.

Simple Setup

From drag and drop layouts to easy email integration, Squarespace is a breeze to build and maintain. You don’t need to know anything about coding to create a site.

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