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HoneyBook has made some updates to help you book your ideal clients, faster. Introducing questions in your brochures. Now you can share information and get what you need to move your project forward
— all from one file. Don’t lose a potential client or find a project stalling due to lengthy back and forth. Add questions to your brochures so you can make booking—proofing—moodboarding faster than ever.


a few of my favorite features

  • Automation

    • HoneyBook is setup to automatically respond to potential clients and I craft the response templates based on their needs

    • Follow up on payments. Never spend time chasing down money.

    • Setup atomically recurring payments

    • Smart technology, it remembers your items, packages, and previous proposals and invoices

  • Workflows (more advanced automation)

    • Send out emails, reminders, brochures and questionnaires automatically or with approval

  • Templates

    • Send out beautifully branded Brochures that increase bookings a LOT!

    • Create multiple versions based on your offerings

    • Packages, Emails, Brochures, Questionnaires are all template-based so you can reuse

  • Branding

    • Collect and use your best images throughout your branding

    • Always present a cohesive brand with your marketing

  • Record Keeping

    • Keep track of all of your email correspondence, team members and more

    • Bookkeeping

  • Payments and Contracts

    • Create all types of payment requests and collect right from HoneyBook

    • Manage contracts signatures and more


HoneyBook Designed Templates

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