Rare Bird Font Foundry


Hand-lettering is a tricky thing. Not everyone is good at it, and it is a coveted skill. I came across Rare Bird through my network of friends from Instagram and have been a huge fan ever since. Perfect for projects that require a hand-lettered look when you don’t have access to a designer.

Currently, they have about six versions available for purchase and licensing on their website, and I’ve purchased and used every one of them. I use them in my social media posts for headlines and brochures for clients. They have extended license, which will allow you to create beautiful products using their designs. The fonts designed by some of the most talented calligraphers like Karla Lim from Written Word Calligraphy are available in a variety of styles.


logo design

Used for Spring Haven along with some custom illustration by Old City Mailroom


Rare Bird

Specimen IV


Stay In Touch