Writing Better With Grammarly

I've used Grammarly for a while. I’ve always been good at grammar (it’s my thing), but I rely so heavily on this tool because it checks what my brain overrides sometimes. And, really who will take you seriously when you don’t use correct grammar. For those of us who notice, it makes us cringe.

What I love

  • Grammar and spell check are not the same

  • It’s easy to cut and paste whatever you are writing into Grammarly (see my video)

  • The premium version lets you truly check for better words or phrases

  • It checks for plagiarism by scanning the web

  • Word count matters

  • My writing is polished and professional

I run pretty much any vital piece of writing through Grammarly — from emails to contracts to web copy. You can get the free version, but the Premium version is where it’s at! And you can add to Safari, Chrome, or your device to check your writing as you go.