Interview with Silk & Willow

Honored to be interviewed by bespoke ribbon designer Silk & Willow.

Tell us a little about yourself & your business

I'm a native of Tennessee where I live with my husband Dane, my two little redheaded girls Aden and Marni. I'm a Creative Director, designer, writer, and artist, and a competitive weightlifter. My family, art, animals, and the sea are my passions.

I started my design business in 1998. Currently, I offer wedding day flowers for engaged couples, styling and design, branding for women business owners, and mentoring for creative entrepreneurs.

Did growing up with entrepreneurial parents make you want to be your own business owner?

Yes, funny enough, I wasn't really even aware that people worked for others until I was in high school. I thought everyone owned their own business. It was just a natural thing for me to want to work for myself.

Were your parents in a creative business?

Yes, and no. My father was a commercial and residential real estate broker. He was never visually creative, but he was a great dancer and taught me how to dance. My love of flowers and nature came from him as well. He taught me about the psychology of business and how to interact with clients to build trust — how to connect with them so they feel reassured that you understand their needs.

My mother wrote music and poetry. She was incredibly stylish (and beautiful). She provided interior design for my father's residential real estate by staging houses for him back in the 70s before people did this for a living. I think a lot of my creativity came from her and her nurturing my creative journey. I try to do this with my children now and encourage their creativity.

A few of my favorites from the bespoke silk ribbon maker:



I typically keep on hand a set of the blush ribbons in etherial, sheer, satin, and bespoke blush


Medium Weaves

The rose is the perfect complement to blush and greens


Silk Twine

Tie up something with this pretty silk twine

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