VIP 6-Hour

VIP 6-Hour

300.00 every month

Create a sustainable brand with ample help to keep up momentum each month with dedicated support each month that you may use however you like.




How do I know what you’ve spent time on each month?

We use Honeybook to keep a time log and communicate each month our tasks and work for your.

Use For

  • Website updates

  • Strategic planning

  • Social media calendar and posts

  • Blog posts

  • Professional copywriting

  • Email templates

  • Newsletter

  • Fresh Content

  • HoneyBook Consulting & Setup

  • Image Curation

  • Website copy

  • Instagram swipe files

  • Client processes & procedures


What if I go over?

No problem! We will bill you per hour for each additional hour needed.

Are there extra fees?

If we need to purchase anything extra for your that is custom, we’ll let you know ahead of time and provide an estimate and you will be billed separately for that.


How do I communicate what is needed?

When you sign up, you’ll get a welcome kit from me and a starter call that helps me get to know you. I’ll begin collecting information from you and setup your custom file.

Does unused time rollover each month?

Unfortunately no. Once we book you, we are reserving that time slot for your each month.

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