Inspired by the Gardens at Giverny, this centerpiece was design to bring color harmony to the delicate palettes of spring.


No. 1


For this design, we used a Campo de Fiori Venetian Fruit Bowl and sprayed it with Flex Seal and filled the drainage hole with Flex Shot.


Click on the video below to become more familiar with these flowers


No. 2

vase prep

We used a flower frog sealed into the bottom of the vase with Floral Putty. You take the floral putty and press around the edges of the frog then press the frog into the bottom of the vase while giving a slight twist. Allow this to cure overnight if possible to give the press stick.

On top of the frog you’ll use chicken wire and create the main framework for the design. Place over the frog and secure with waterproof tape.


No. 3

The recipe

  • Fritillaria Meleagris Bicolor Purple/Yellow30cm

  • Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) Salmon 40cm

  • Ranunculus Butterfly Thesus Dark Pink

  • Rosa Cappuccino (Rose) Lavender 40cm

  • Syringia (Lilac) Madame Florent Stepman

  • Lathyrus White

  • Helleborus (Hellebore or Lenten Rose) Molly White

  • Clematis Amazing London Lavender 50cm

  • Daffodil Bridal Crown Cream

  • Fritillaria Acmopetala Green 30cm

  • Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) Lavender 40cm

  • Lathyrus (Sweet Pea) Misty White 40cm Bicolor

  • Ranunculus Aazur Light Pink 40cm Light Pink

  • Ranunculus Butterfly Ariadne 60cmLight Pink

  • Syringia (Lilac) Maiden’s Blush 60cm 2 HD Salmon

  • Anemone in Lavender


No. 4

flower tip

I have included the flower name and the common name on some of these so you’ll can become familiar with both. The reference to cm is the length of the stem, which is important if you need longer stems for a larger arrangement.