styled shots at Schermerhorn Symphony Center


the venue

the venue

Inspired by some of the world's great concert halls, especially those of Europe, the Symphony Center features a convertible concert hall and many rooms and wings with marble floors, columns and tall ceilings. 

design & details

Nathan Westerfield will provide photography and Deanna Burks Design will provide florals and small detail styling with 12th Table providing some larger elements and styling suggestion are welcome for the space. We will focus on two settings: The first setting will be bridal inspiration with a bride, personal florals, stationery suite, possible tablescape indoor or out and floral installation. The second setting will feature a corporate business setting with casual seating, a business meeting or lecture table setup. For the business detail, the scale of the room is not needed. 

vendor Collaboration

We are looking for vendors with aesthetic goals in line with the design board shown below. In exchange for your services or goods, you will be provided with photographs for use in your portfolio. Please be sure to credit each vendor when posting photography. We will provide final credit details as the project nears completion.  


bridal inspiration

design board

The model will wear the navy dress pictured in the first frame below. She has long, blond hair. The florals will be loose, romantic garden style. Her bouquet will be slightly cascading and appropriately sized for her stature and dress fullness. 


— Part two —


the business edit

design board

We can use the same model with clean, modern business attire tbd. The tablescape will be clean lines, modern and lower. I may bring a taller live fig plant for height. I feel like the ceiling height may make people feel the need to build super tall florals, but I believe that's not necessary for a business type meeting. Would like to incorporate a casual seating area with coffee table and sofa/chairs. 


The Bride Room

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