the goods

There are so many great places to source items for inspiration. I’ve included some of my favorite suppliers for everything from vases to ribbons to table runners.

Import Flowers

They are in Nashville and they are my wholesale provider. All of my flowers are purchased through their direct buy program because I’m setup as a business. If you aren’t in my area but you are a professional, reach out to your local wholesaler. There are companies that will ship to you.

High Camp Supply

My love of gardenias inspired our signature product, the High Camp Gardenia Vine and Bloom box. Gardenias had never shipped successfully en-masse by air, which is the reason at High Camp we worked for months, shipping flowers to ourselves until we perfected the process. Today we are the only company in the US to ship direct to consumer cut-to-order vines and blooms from our California farms. Gardenias are a treasured favorite, and the response has been wonderfully overwhelming.  Customers reach out on a daily basis to speak with us about the joy the package brought to their home or their loved ones, and wanting to share the memories evoked.  Educating the consumer that they can now have the fragile, precious flower they desire year-round, in home or wherever they may find themselves anywhere in the United States is a joy.

Fall in love with your life.

X - Susan Hanson

Saint Signora

It’s my hope that when you encounter my goods, you’re transported to another time and your pieces become your friends....I'm here to help you collect what you love- to curate a place with items that make you never want to leave.

Katie Hyatt, Owner of Saint Signora

"Saint of heirlooms and artifacts"

Silk & Willow

Using plant materials to dye fabric is a tradition that dates back to antiquity. Foraging for material and cooking out the color is a gratifying process. I even find joy in the varying smells that now come from my kitchen. Some like a sweet cup of brewed tea, and others, a muddy earthiness that reminds me of walking on wet moss barefoot in the woods. An array of sensory responses brought straight to my kitchen!

I am drawn to silk for its durability, softness, and drape. The tactile experience of silk is alluring, and the colors it radiates are breathtaking. Each of my ribbons is made with the intention of love and longevity, an heirloom piece that can be re-used for years.

Campo de’ Fiori

Clay gathered from the lagoon. Tread upon by foot, kneaded by hand. Thrown on the wheel, feet thrashing, fingers shaping. Fired with wood, aged with care in the misty greenhouse, over time, until there appears on each and every one the lush, lusty green of the beloved moss.

Floret Flowers

We’re a family farm and family is at the heart of our business. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to spend our days working together, surrounded by a team of caring individuals who share our dream of bringing more beauty into the world.

Natchez Glen House

If you live in Middle TN, you must visit them. Oh. My. Goodness!

Located just 10 minutes from downtown Franklin,TN Natchez Glen is a flower experience unlike any other. From anywhere in the Nashville area the drive to the gardens is a stunning landscape of rolling hills and valleys. Once you arrive you may have the idea of a "flower farm" but instead you will be greeted by one of the largest gardens in the United States growing over five thousand dahlias, hundreds of roses, and rare trees from around the world. 

You can make your reservations online for individuals or groups online and be sure to follow us on Instagram @natchezglenhouse