The Creative Director

our role and how we work


It's all in the details.


We design flowers. But also so much more than that. As a creative director, my role is to ensure that every little detail is thoughtfully curated. 


Every detail from linens and dinnerware to flowers and lighting create a mood and make the atmosphere welcoming, or not. It's about coming together. The details should be natural, not contrived. We believe the right dress, shoes, hair and makeup are all apart of a bigger picture and plan as well. 


We make flowers in-house, and we have a beautiful and bountiful supply of thoughtfully curated decor items like candles, vessels, and other details to make your event or project beautiful. We do work with other creatives to bring it all together seamlessly. We have carefully crafted a list of dream makers and other designers who create with the same eye toward aesthetics, authenticity and attention to detail as us. 


It's just a natural fit for us to be as detailed with plans and management as we are with creative. We offer full planning, day of coordination and day of direction. 


We book about a year out for weddings. The process begins with an inquiry from you. From there, you'll learn about our pricing, availability and full range of services. From there, we can both decide if your vision is a good match for our services. It's really simple and very private.