Our Dream Team

Working with the right vendors is a must for wedding day success. We have a great team of preferred vendors that we great some real magic with for your wedding day or special event. We've created this list of preferred vendors for you because we know how important this day is and we work with some very respected creatives and experts. 

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jordan & alaina photography


For us, life is always made better each moment we are together. Fortunately, we get to spend everyday working side by side. We are your typical hopeless romantics, unabashed in our love for sappy love stories, Netflix and couch cuddles, and candlelit dinners, even if it's just the usual chicken and rice. Love is what motivates us, what drives our passion for photographing weddings, and telling all the incredible love stories we have the privilege of witnessing. We are Jordan and Alaina, ambassadors of the hopeless romantics, lovers of true love, and we want to tell your story... 

viva la strings


Viva la Strings is more than a group of musicians. We are friends, we perform together regularly, and we will provide the polished professionalism you expect when planning an event. We know how to bring just the right musical detail and personal consultation to make yours an event to be remembered for a lifetime. We work with you to help design just the right musical ambiance that reflects your personality and taste. From traditional church to campy contemporary, or a mix of both, Viva la Strings has music for all tastes. We will work with you as you plan the parts of your ceremony, making your wedding day personal and special. Cocktail hour / Dinner music – Start your cocktail hour with our upbeat pop music, from classic rock to current pop. Then transition to soothing and sophisticated dinner music while your guests enjoy your hospitality, great food, and wonderful music.



12th table


12th Table is a full-service, design-focused rental company that brings beautiful and functional design to the temporary rental market. While luxury, designer rentals have often been for the select few, our mission is to rethink event essentials and make core, well-made pieces accessible to the brands and individuals who appreciate them most. We spend a lot of time here choosing and investing in the right items — pieces that can be versatile, distinct, and timeless. As a result, our collection is used in a variety of ways—making appearances at corporate events, TV productions, photo shoots, and weddings. With an eye for quality and a mind for service, our design-forward, concierge approach is both accessible and imaginative—helping a variety of brands and personal clients transform blank canvases into well-manicured spaces primed for celebration. Welcome to the table.