do the work you love and attract the clients you want

Depending on where you are with your business, planning, and finances I have a mentorship program that can help put you on the right path. Having a mentor, someone who can look from the outside in with a fresh perspective and a great deal of experience will help you truly evaluate your goals and set you on the right path. Let’s do this together!


No. 1

strategic one-hour session

This is a one-hour session either in person or via FaceTime to review a topic of your choosing to see where improvement could be made. After we determine what topic we’ll cover (whether it’s your brand, presence, process, pricing, etc.) I will gather some info from you and we’ll talk through the details.

You’ll come away with a plan of action to start tackling those sticking points and begin achieving your goals.


Is this for me?

✓ I have a business plan

✓ I’m not attracting the clients I want to work with

✓ I need help with pricing

✓ I need help with putting a system in place

✓ I would like to create a better client experience

✓ My portfolio or social presence isn’t attracting my ideal client

No. 2

the 12-month overhaul

From the business plan, brand and presence to systems and processes to make your business run smoothly, you’ll walk away with the tools you need, my hands-on guidance and support to start making a living and one you can support a family and lifestyle on for years to come. This is a very comprehensive approach to the creative business and is recommended for those who plan to be in business and achieve success long-term. If you are a part-time creative looking to go full-time, or you are already full-time in your creative business but feel stuck, stagnant, or not happy with your bottom line (in life and business) then this is the program for you.


$6500 with monthly installments

Is this for me?

✓ I don’t have a business plan

✓ My brand isn’t in line with my desired clientele

✓ People don’t know my business exists

✓ I don’t have a system in place for managing my workload

✓ I don’t have a portfolio

✓ I often miss deadlines and feel disorganized

✓ I’m not confident in presenting proposals to clients, asking for money or closing sales

✓ I don’t have any referral network in place