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 a life with purpose


my journey

And, what you can learn from it to do the work you love and create a sustainable business or side hustle that has purpose

I’ve been a creative entrepreneur since 1998. I’ve been so fortunate to be able to do the work I love while making a living. And not just making a living, but living a life that I love! It's been a journey of constant learning, growth, and professional development.

I possess that elusive work/life balance that so many people can't seem to achieve. Yes, I have put in many hours. I have taken on many jobs that weren't my exact dream project. But I make sure that I see my children. I exercise. I spend time with my husband. I meet the tough deadlines and I create inspiring work for my clients.

Fortunately, my parents were both entrepreneurs so I learned early on that if you don't work, you don't eat. But paying the bills isn't the only important thing. Especially when you are creative. It's quality of life. Quality of work. Being able to say no every now and then to projects that you don't want to take and make a living (not just get by) from the work you love.

I've worked as a creative director, designer, stylist, creative consultant, and floral designer for all of my adult life so I've experienced many different challenges and I've always applied the same approach. I attribute my successes to having a plan in place, goals, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, knowing what I want, and recognizing when what I’m doing isn’t working.

This approach builds confidence — for you and for your client who is trusting in you to make their experience wonderful and worth the financial investment they are making.

I’m here help you achieve your goals and start making more than a living. I want to help you build a business that can support your dreams and you can live the life you love. It’s not complicated. It takes focus and I’m here to show you the way.

Depending on where you are with your business, planning, and finances I have a mentorship program that can help put you on the right path.

Having a mentor, someone who can look from the outside in with a fresh perspective and a great deal of experience will help you truly evaluate your goals and set you on the right path. Let’s do this together!


the one hour session




strategic one-hour session

This is a one-hour session either in person or via FaceTime to review a topic of your choosing to see where improvement could be made. After we determine what topic we’ll cover (whether it’s your brand, presence, process, pricing, etc.) I will gather some info from you and we’ll talk through the details.

You’ll come away with a plan of action to start tackling those sticking points and begin achieving your goals.


✓ I have a business plan

✓ I’m not attracting the clients I want to work with

✓ I need help with pricing

✓ I need help with putting a system in place

✓ I would like to create a better client experience

✓ My portfolio or social presence isn’t attracting my ideal client


the 12 month overhaul


winging it is not a plan

A comprehensive approach to mentoring that lasts for twelve months. It includes a business plan, brand development, a public presence (social media and web), portfolio development, business processes, systems, and client experience.

Will it take 12-months to get you up and running? No, but once you are up and running the right way you’ll have the guidance and support you need for the full twelve months.


From the business plan, brand and presence to systems and processes to make your business run smoothly, you’ll walk away with the tools you need, my hands-on guidance and support to start making a living and one you can support a family and lifestyle on for years to come. This is a very comprehensive approach to the creative business and is recommended for those who plan to be in business and achieve success long-term. If you are a part-time creative looking to go full-time, or you are already full-time in your creative business but feel stuck, stagnant, or not happy with your bottom line (in life and business) then this is the program for you.


✓ I don’t have a business plan

✓ My brand isn’t in line with my desired clientele

✓ People don’t know my business exists

✓ I don’t have a system in place for managing my workload

✓ I don’t have a portfolio

✓ I often miss deadlines and feel disorganized

✓ I’m not confident in presenting proposals to clients, asking for money or closing sales

✓ I don’t have any referral network in place


the details


No. 1


The plan I’m referring to is a solid plan for your business. You can’t start one without it. With this tool, we’ll chart out a path for your business by discovering where your business or idea is and where you want to take it. We’ll explore all of your services and through a process of discovery, identify your ideal client. This step is an absolute must or the business won't have a firm foundation.

No. 2


If you have a brand, we’ll review it to make sure it truly reflects your style and will attract your ideal client. This process is done by exploring your plan and goals. We will make sure your brand is relevant, relatable and lasting. This includes a portfolio that attracts as well. If you don’t have one we’ll help you create one.

No. 3


Do people know you exist? What do you look like across all of the media channels? Creating a cohesive brand comes first, then deploying it across the web is the next step to connecting with ideal clients, contacts and future team members who can contribute referrals to your business. Deanna will create a set of cohesive tools ranging from social media to your business website where potential clients can view your work, engage with you and hire you. And, past clients can refer future clients.

No. 4


Let’s develop a pricing strategy that makes sense for your unique income needs and financial goals both long and short term. I’ll share proven sales techniques, closing, and follow through (the next step: A Process).

No. 5

A Process

Now, we’ve established your plan, goals, brand, presence, and pricing. Now you are starting to make sales. Profitable ones. Let’s keep that cycle going by creating a process for follow through and happy clients who refer you over and over again. You can’t wing it. This isn’t complicated. Sure it takes commitment and dedication. A process shows your client that you have it together. You are on top of their work and it builds confidence.

No. 6

The Experience

The client experience is instrumental to the success of your business. It has been for mine for over 20 years. It is what sets you apart from your competitors. Let’s talk about how you’ll interact with clients, what you’ll provide and how you’ll provide it so the experience your clients have is in line with your brand.


ready to start ?


let’s do this

Please submit your contact information and I will send over a short application to begin the process.