My work & background

My events embody a natural, authentic design opposed to style or trend. I’m an artist and Creative Director with a passion for people. I started my business in 1998 after working as a Creative Director for SunTrust Bank for several years. I’ve created branding and events for corporate clients all over the U.S. and have won several awards for my design work and writing. I discovered my love of creating intimate celebrations later on in life. I love typography and graphic design and flowers. I studied Fine Art and Graphic Design.


my heart

My home is based in Tennessee. I'm an Aries. I’m Type A. I’m a mother to two beautiful little red heads. I’m married to Dane and have been since 1999. I’m an avid weightlifter. I can deadlift twice my body weight. I’m a lover of nature. I have a passion for rescuing animals. We have three dogs. I’m terrible at math, but I can write computer code. I’m mostly self-taught. I’m a “social” introvert. I love people but I need white space. I love color but mostly only use it in florals where I can go wild and create with God’s beautiful gift to us. I wear all black, white or gray. My house is very neutral. My little girls roll their eyes when I say my favorite color is gray. I think that most of the time simple is better. I believe that life is a gift and we should aim to live every moment as presently as possible.