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 Terms Of Use

With this transaction Buyer acknowledges that the purchase comes with a non-exclusive limited use license so that the Purchaser may use the file for personal or professional use in the normal course of Purchaser's business.

Photography, Typography & Line Art

The images included in the design are for placeholder purposes only and are protected by copyright. The Purchaser may in no way use any of the placeholder images to promote their business. The Purchaser agrees to replace all photographic images used in the provided file. Photographic images are defined as images taken by a photographer. The Purchaser may use the line art provided in the file. Line art is defined as art created by drawing a series of lines and shapes to create a graphic image that is non-photographic. Typography represented in the design must be purchased by the buyer for their own licensing through Rare Bird Fonts.


Purchaser must replace the company logo with their own or business name. The existing logo within the file must be removed. This image is also protected by copyright laws and is the property of Deanna Burks.


Deanna Burks remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright in the provided file and the Purchaser may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the file or a derivative thereof or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way.

Limits Of Use

The Purchaser may not use file to promote graphic design how-to, styling related workshops, webinars, classes, how-to-design blog posts or newsletters, or any design related training. The Purchaser may replace these images with their own image to use strictly for promoting their own work as a designer.