Lush Fall Floral Arrangement


No. 1


  • One stem of Orchid

  • A bunch of red Peony

  • Three bunches of Ranunculus (peach and yellow tones, dark burgundy tones, cafe au lait)

  • One bunch of variegated Tulip

  • One bunch of red/dark pink Clematis

  • Chocolate Cosmos

  • One bunch purple Dahlia

  • Single stem of Amaryllis

  • Bunch of Dark Pink Amaranthus

  • One bunch of baby Eucalyptus

  • One bunch of Salal (Lemon Tree foliage)


Click on the video below to become more familiar with these flowers


No. 2

vase prep

Use the floral netting (chicken wire) and crumple it up down inside the vase so the floral stems have support. You can also add a floral frog in the bottom of the vase. Once you add the chicken wire, secure across the top with waterproof floral tape. For this design, we used a vintage Moscow Mule mug and sprayed it with Flex Seal.

We used a flower frog sealed into the bottom of the vase with Floral Putty. You take the floral putty and press around the edges of the frog then press the frog into the bottom of the vase while giving a slight twist. Allow this to cure overnight if possible to give the press stick.

On top of the frog you’ll use chicken wire and create the main framework for the design. Place over the frog and secure with waterproof tape.


No. 3


Keep your design interesting by using color, shape and texture to create movement. There should definitely be focal points but little bits of interest and excitement as your eye moves throughout the design.


No. 4

The Details Of The Design

An overview of the design