Easter Floral Workshop

by deanna burks design at long hollow gardens

Thank you all for joining me! I had the best time sharing my love of flowers with each of you. 

xoxo, Deanna Burks

the flowers

My favorites are included in this arrangement: 

Locally Grown Hellebores (Lenten Rose)
Butterfly Ranunculus
Spring tree branches
Sweet Pea
Garden Roses Cappucino
French Tulips

flower prep Tip

Store your flowers in a cool, shady spot away from direct sunlight. Trim the foliage and thorns away to prep and provide floral food. Give stems a fresh cut at an angle with a sharp scissor or blade. 


the vessel

We'll be using a concrete vessel in a bowl shape that has been sealed. If you have a favorite vessel that is not sealed, you can easily seal it with a spray sealant and caulk any holes with a water proof sealant. This can be purchased at any home improvement warehouse. 

To construct your flower case, crumple up a piece of wire netting loosely and secure with waterproof tape. For greater hold, use a flower frog at the bottom.


Use a Lazy Susan to place your arrangement on for an easier way to view the arrangement on all sides.  


shape, color, size, texture

The style of this arrangement is light, airy, and garden style. We'll incorporate local blooms and foliage and branches that you can easily grow in your own yard. 

My preference is to create a low centerpiece for a comfortable table setting. An asymmetric shape is my favorite style. It creates movement. Create a width and overall shape to fit the table or location of the centerpiece. 

With color, I love to create sophisticated color palettes by blending colors. I don't prefer a dappled look where dots of color appear throughout the arrangement. I think the most elegant color palettes blend colors like an artist would do with paint. Creating harmony between colors is important.

Use color, shape, and texture to move the eye. 



Use colors that blend, color block and place flowers at different depths for movement and interest.