Designing Inspiration

Immersed in love and unchanged by the inclinations of the world, the couple is absorbed in their connection to each other. This shoot is a reflection of that close connection and tells a story of their day.

Our inspiration for this shoot came as the bareness of winter slowly transitions into the first blooms of spring. We wanted to create the feel of a small, elegant wedding, including the intimate moments as the couple prepared for their day, in this newly restored historic farmhouse just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. The home is filled with original details juxtaposed with modern farmhouse finishes that marry old and new. We designed with a harmonious color palette of soft whites paired with elegant grays, and deep blush tones with subtle hints of black. The details included a marriage of modern handmade ceramics, moody candlelight, the clean lines of black cafe chairs, florals created with heirloom roses and quince, and feminine blooms of light and airy sweet pea and anemone.

The Visuals

By Jordan Rocque

We work to curate and collect images from around that inspire our design and help us visualize the desired outcome. We look for inspiration from our own work and the work of others. The photos include:

  • Texture

  • Actual wedding details

  • Color palettes

  • Hair and makeup styles

  • Attire

  • Outdoor elements

  • Floral and decor elements

Don’t feel limited to gathering images of strictly wedding details. I often add other unrelated images into the mix to see how elements come together.

A great tool for creating a mood board is Adobe Spark.