Spinster Sisters

Born out of a need to create an alternative to the witches' brew of chemicals that many modern skin care products represent, the founders at Colorado based Spinster Sisters studied up on how to make soap. The line grew quickly to expand from bath soap into other skincare categories where there is a need for thoughtful, natural alternatives to mass-produced products. One example is their shaving soap, curing the wasteful pile of empty aerosol shaving cream cans that many men and women generate in a given year. Their solid shaving soap we developed results in almost no waste. It leaves no cans to recycle, and even the shrink wrap we use to package it is compostable.

They now offer over 30 different "flavors" of wonderful, fragrant, luxurious and moisturizing handmade soaps, as well as a full line of shaving products, moisturizing lotions, salves, soaks, scrubs, and more. We are delighted to carry their thoughtful products! We hope you enjoy them. 


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Group Workshop
Jennifer Kaplan J.K. Jennifer K.
Flower Arranging Party

What a great night we had Deanna. A classy lady, with excellent taste in flowers, decor and teaching techniques. If you like your friends and your like flowers, you will love Deanna!

Plus, you get to enjoy a bit of Retail Therapy at the same time.

Group Workshop
Nicole N. Nicole

Such a fun workshop, it really was a fantastic time, I would recommend this to anyone!

Group Workshop
Debbie Riddle D.R. Debbie R.
Mer Sea Body Butter

I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect lotion. Mer Sea Body Butter fits my needs! It has a fresh scent and moisturizes without that sticky greasy feeling. Oh and the packaging is so pretty. It is a lovely item to use by your kitchen sink, bathroom or on your desk at work.

Group Workshop
Terra T. Terra
Simply the B-E-S-T! ! !

Deanna hosted our Floral Arranging Workshop at my home for a small group of coworkers. Everything was simply the BEST, down to every single detail of the party - Deanna's technique instructions, the beautiful blooms that she brought for the group, the gorgeous vessels for the flowers and the items that she hand selected for the pop-up shop. The group had an amazing time and everyone left with a stunning arrangement to enjoy in their home as well as a few goodies that we shopped between breaks. Thank you Deanna!

Heath H. Heath
Goe Oil is the bomb!

Even as a guy, skin care is important to me too. This stuff knocks it out of the park. Longer lasting than most lotions with a nice fragrance that's not overly feminine. I've introduced it to female friends and they love it too! Will definitely keep this stuff on my shelf.