A Beach Refresh + Smooch

We spent two weeks in Rosemary Beach in July to get caught up on some much needed rest. We were excited (and a little worried) about bringing Smooch, our lab, with us. But luckily Rosemary has some great pet-friendly homes and really the whole community is pet-friendly. If you don’t know already, I’m an animal lover. I have always dreamed of taking my dog to the beach. I know it sounds a little silly, but I want to share what I love. I was concerned because he is young still at 2, but he did absolutely great!! He picked up on the routine right away and fit right in. I’m sure at some point I’ll end up on YouTube because during one of our beach visits, he started running wild while still on the leash and we were being video taped by about 5 people! It was awesome and he loved it!


Pet-Friendly Options


We spent a lot of time doing the normal beach things, but every day while I was here I was active with my girls and so was Dane! We love this. It’s how we have always lived, but since Dane’s heart attack it’s been a bit tricky for both of us.


A typical day

rise early

I’m an early riser. Just me. Not the rest of the fam. I need quiet before I begin interacting with others. After breakfast and a cup of coffee, Smooch and I go to the dog park and spend some time. I usually get some work done and browse my social media and news channels while everyone sleeps. Smooch enjoys watching the neighbors while I sit and have coffee.

The gang wakes up about 9am. I let everyone sleep in.


My workout starts about 10:30. I do a 9 minute run, followed by two strength exercises with about 50 reps each exercise and one accessory exercise. I try these days to spend no more than 30 minutes in the gym.

beach time

While Dane does his workout (cardio for 45 minutes (yuck!) and some strength training, I take the little reds swimming. After that we meet up for lunch.

nap time

My favorite! I sleep about an hour, then we hit the beach with Smooch once it’s cooled down and have a light dinner or some ice cream.


If you go, there are a lot of great large houses and carriage houses for rent. This visit, we stayed at the Humphreys Carriage House which allows pets. The Pearl Hotel is a wonderful get-away for adults and they community has a lot of great pools for both families and adult only.

While we stay in Rosemary, we rarely leave. We eat there, do activities there. Have groceries delivered (Publix InstaCart). It’s very contained and we love it.

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.
— Jacques Yves Cousteau


best dining

La Crema

Great cheese boards, chocolate fondue and small plates.

havana club

The serene sea view and good food atop The Pearl.

Sugar Shak

My kids stop here daily. Long lines but lots of candy.

Wild Olives

Indoor dining with great wine and cheese boards or outdoors with great breezes and music.

feed & supply

The best take and bake dishes for dinner or breakfast.

best shopping


Great styles and modern fashions.


Everything and anything a little girl or tween girl would love (or grown girls).


What You Can Expect To Pay

When we go on vacation, we think of it as paying for an experience! The first few days there, we spurge on breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as the days go by, and certainly for two weeks, we have to be a little more budget minded. We pick one meal to dine out per day and the rest of the time we eat at home.


  1. House Rental

    1. 185

    2. Starts at 185 per day and goes up to 1800+ per day

  2. Breakfast at The Pearl

    1. 120

    2. 4 Entrees, Coffee, beverages

  3. Candy Shop

    1. 30

    2. Each visit

    3. For 2 girls

  4. Lunch at La Crema

    1. 130

    2. Small plates, beverages, wine

  5. Wild Olives

    1. 120

    2. Cheese board, 2 kids entrees and wine and beverages

  6. Cowgirls Kitchen

    1. 85

    2. 4 entrees, wine, beverages

  7. Chair Rentals

    1. 55

    2. Per set of two + umbrella

    3. $5 discount per consecutive day

  8. Bike Rentals

    1. 55

    2. Per bike per day

    3. $5 each additional day

  9. Take Out From Feed & Supply

    1. 35

    2. You can take home a great Take & Bake Casserole and eat for days!


Clothing Staples



The Trip Home

We leave early!! We want to get home on a Friday so we can rest over the weekend and recover from our vacation! :) We start out at 5am packing the car and hit the road by 7:30am.


We have the house cleaned before we arrive, order groceries for delivery before we arrive, get home and it’s like another vacation!!

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