A Brand Story Close To My Heart

Coliseum Street

This brand has been in the works for years now. As Dane has grown his business in the fitness equipment industry for years, he has been longing to get back to his roots of wellness — where he started. And, Coliseum Street is just that. It’s about creating culture. I worked with Brent Baldwin to create the copy and message for Dane’s brand - exploring Dane’s thoughts on wellness and where the disconnect is and how to fix it. It’s a daunting task but it goes back to this: if you don’t know something well enough to explain it in layman’s terms, you don’t know. Ask Dane anything about wellness, the psychology and behavioral challenges, the physical, or the financial challenges and he’ll lay it all out for you simply. That’s good news.


Writing: Brent Baldwin and Deanna Burks | Dane’s Homepage Photo: Kitti Simonsen | About Dane Photo: Jarrett Gaza, Website Design: Deanna Burks

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