Be present.

You’ve just become engaged. It’s so exciting! I remember the moment my husband proposed. What followed was a whirlwind of planning energy unlike anything I’d ever experienced. But, then I’m 150% Type-A so that wasn’t surprising. I had every single detail worked out within a month.

This may or may not be you. If it is, great! I have some great tools to help you keep it all together. If it’s not, this will help you avoid stress and procrastination which leads to more stress.


I encourage you to do this:

Take a breath and soak it in. Every moment. This season is one you should be present for. Stress should not have a place at this table.


My hope for you is that you can commit to make this engagement season one of joy and happiness and live every moment being present by keeping your plans well organized. Becoming familiar with the process of planning will help you avoid procrastination which leads to more stress. This is time to celebrate every moment and soak it all in.

Let’s go!