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5 Budget Tips For The Perfect Wedding Day

5 Budget Tips For The Perfect Wedding Day

Probably one of the more difficult tasks for folks and one of the most important. People are often scared to see that number and reluctant to share it. But once you get comfortable with the idea of how much you feel comfortable spending, you'll feel a sense of relief.

1. Where to Start

First, get with everyone involved who is contributing to your wedding and see what you have to work with. Be realistic and really consider the fact that the more guests you invite, the larger your wedding party, the more your wedding will cost. For most people, it's not just about what they can afford but more about what they are comfortable with spending on their wedding. 

2. Building The Budget

The Knot is a great resource for building your budget with their budget tool. 

3. Setting The Right Expectations

Coming up with the right budget in the beginning is the key to sticking to your budget. You have to align your expectations with the dollars you've budgeted. Have vendors explain the costs of items you are interested in and see what pricing variations allow you to do. If your budget is limited, that doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful wedding, but you might not have the budget for a photographer from 6am until midnight or tables filled with lush blooms. 

Base your wedding budget on your needs, not what others have done. For some people, a 20-piece band is going to the priority, and for others, a plated, catered meal from one of the city's top chefs will be. 

4. Communicating With Vendors

Every single vendor you will work with will need to know what your budget is and it's best to be upfront about it with them all. It will save you time and you can get to the vendors who are more in line with your budget quicker. 

5. Sticking To Your Budget

Toward the end of your event, you might feel the urge to start splurging to just get things done. Try to stick to the budget and only make adjustments for items that will really make a difference on your big day. 

Tip From Your Floral Designer

As a floral designer, I can't even work with you until I know what your budget is. Not that I only work with certain budgets, but more that flowers vary in price so much, it's impossible to give you pricing if I have no idea where to start. For flowers, most people will spend around 5-20% of their budget. See how wide that number ranges. Why is that? It's because some people love tables filled with Peonies, and others love a little greenery or just some candles and sweet and simple bud vases. 

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