Hi! I’m deanna Burks

The founder and artist behind Deanna Burks Design - a full-service wedding planning, florals, and design studio based in Tennessee. My work is art: inspired by my love of nature and bringing people together effortlessly to enjoy special moments in time. My style is romantic, abundant and garden-esque. Every detail I design creates a one-of-a-kind experience you’ll remember for years to come.

The Design Proposal

The Design Proposal

One of the things we love doing is creating a design board for our clients. Whether we are providing a full-scale design, or just designing your flowers and table scapes we love getting to know you and creating this visual tool that will help you see how our style and your vision make the perfect pairing. 

When do we do this? 

Usually about a two months before you wedding date. This has given us time, hopefully if we've been brought on board soon enough, to get to know you. When we first meet and you've hired us, we've discussed what you like, but we like to dig in a little more. As we work together we get to the real authentic nuts and bolts of what you like. 

Why we do this

I've often worked with clients who will initially share with me that they love a vintage style, but after getting to know them it just doesn't seem to fit their style. So my job is to uncover those hidden signals so that on the wedding day they are really happy with the design. The visual tool of the design proposal works great because it shows ideas and how those ideas mesh with color palettes, the venue, decor details and florals. 

What we include in the proposal

We include inspirational images mixed with our own images, venue photos, your engagement photos, and a color palette. We talk through our ideas and show you visuals that we intend to convey a mood rather than copy the exact design. We want to create a unique design for you, not copy someone else's Pinterest page. 

The design proposal provides a clear idea of our design plans for your wedding day, relieving the stress of wondering what you can expect and creating excitement about your design. 

Our design plans are included in our services, and you can also purchase a design plan for your DIY wedding. We just need an interview with you and we'll create a plan you can follow for your own design. 

Below is what one of our design proposals looks like. We created this for the wedding of Taylor & Diandian. 

Bouquets That Do Double Duty

Bouquets That Do Double Duty

Reception Tables On A Budget

Reception Tables On A Budget