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Should I Hire A Makeup Artist

Should I Hire A Makeup Artist


When it comes to your wedding day, the best way to handle your hair and/or makeup is have a professional take care of this for you. You'll benefit from the experience in more ways than you might realize. It's also a great idea to have the entire bridal party have their makeup and hair professionally done. 

Some Of The Benefits

  • You'll have makeup that lasts the day
  • You won't have to worry about taking the time to do this yourself
  • You'll be pampered
  • Your photos will look great
  • Paying for your bridesmaids' makeup makes a great gift
  • Everyone will look great together in pictures

Here's how to choose the right one. 

  1. Ask around for recommendations. Ask your photographer, planner, friends who they recommend. Planners often see how the makeup artist handles client relationships. They know whether they are responsive and listen. Photographers see their work through the lens - the lasting impression of your wedding day. Friends have experienced their work first hand. 
  2. Do a trial run. Yes, you'll have to pay for it but better to try the artist out on your own skin rather than be comfortable on your wedding day. 
  3. Review their work online. If you like what you see there and their style resonates with you, you'll likely love your results too. 
  4. Pick someone you can connect with. You'll be working close up with this person and you'll want to feel comfortable with them. 

Personal Tip

One thing I've always taken note of over the years is the type of client the artist attracts and their personal style. Just like all artists, including photographers, and designers, you will be drawn to them because of their style. I personally have never loved wearing lots of makeup. If a makeup artist doesn't do a natural look well, I'm not likely to hire them because I know their style is not natural. 


What You Can Expect To Pay

Many makeup artists I've worked with charge around $200-500 per person. Additional services like lashes, airbrushing and touchups might be an extra charge. Ask the artist to spell it all out in a contract or invoice for you.

Questions To Ask

  1. How many artists will be there on your wedding day?
  2. Will they work at your wedding location?
  3. What exactly is included - touchups, lashes, etc?
  4. What is the price per person?
  5. Is a package deal available for more girls? For example, if you hire them for your makeup, your mother and mother-in-law, and your six bridesmaids. 
  6. How long will they stay for touchups? 
  7. Will the owner/representative of the company be the one doing the makeup or will they send someone else? If so they should be the one to do the trial run. 

Lastly, they should provide you with a Day-Of schedule of when they plan to arrive and finish. This is important because the photographer will need to know when you will be ready. 


For a list of artists I recommend, let's chat. 


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